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Yes, it’s a thing. We’ve all seen it, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, or all the blogs we visit. (Thank you, for stopping here, by the way!) I know I have a limit as to how many times I like to see the same advertisement in a day. I know when I listen to top 40 radio, if I listen all day, I’ll hear a few songs several times in a day. Which is fine.

If I like the song.

But when I heard the same song every single time I turned the radio on one year, it was the same song. Needless to say, that was about five years ago, and even though the guy has some good stuff out there, I still change the station any time I hear his name/voice. It took me six months to be able to listen to his debut song all the way through, and when I did, I could still sing along because I’d heard all the parts enough times.

Thinking about this, as well as the advertising I’ve helped friends out with (retweeting their book links, sharing their Facebook posts) and done for myself (Perfect Ten was officially released on Monday this week, and the week before, the Winter volume of the Bowman’s Inn anthology, featuring my short story, Hopeless Romantic) got me thinking.

How much is too much? Where does “ooh, I need to check that out” turn into “okay, time to block/unfollow/unfriend/un-whatever this person”?

So I’ve put together a survey, and I’m hoping you’ll help me out with it. I can’t imagine there being too much of a difference between Twitter and Facebook (for me, these are the two biggies, as those and this blog are what I have) but I do think there will be a difference between those and, say, here, on my blog. So, here it is. The questionnaire/survey/poll, whatever you want to call it.

Thank you so much for your time and honesty!

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