Beautiful Day: A Sneak Peek at the Bowman’s Inn Book 2: Summer

Available tomorrow, July 15th, the wonderful DL Hungerford contributes her short story, Beautiful Day, to the anthology.

Charlene Brosh devotes all of her waking hours to school, studying, or working part time. Shy about being on the large side of normal, she daydreams about the man she’d like to meet, a professor or an executive maybe. Surprise! He’s a bank robber.

Bank Robbery Gone Awry
Bank Robbery Gone Awry

Nate McGee doesn’t have time for relationships, between keeping his cover with the organized robbers, staying under the radar as a shape shifter, and keeping the local pack happy with him. But their hostage, nabbed as they left the bank, is a naïve and sweet woman who steals his heart.


Born and raised in Southern California, DL Hungerford began writing right about the time you would expect. She honed her skills through fanzines, epic letters, and minutes for various clubs. She also wrote newsletter submissions for clubs as well as movie and book reviews.

She loves the world of fiction, especially Regency England, but hopes to explore other horizons as time permits. She still lives in Southern California with her husband, a spoiled cat, and a flock of parrots and other birds.


Already released in this anthology is the Spring Volume, available for $3.99 on Amazon! You can also vote it up to number one on the GoodReads Best Romance Anthology/Collection list!

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