Can I get a Mulligan?!

Today… well, I just want today to be over. Like now. It sucks.
Step 1: have daughter tucked into bed next to me, hiccup-sobbing, at 6 a.m. because she had a nightmare, and hubby has to get ready for work
Step 2: cuddle the crap out of her, hoping to get her calmed enough to get back to sleep
Step 3: crash because I just can’t stay awake anymore
Step 4: wake up at 8:40 a.m, ten minutes before my son needs to get out to the bus stop
Step 5: fly out of bed, rush to son’s room, get him up and getting dressed; throw a handful of cereal into a baggie for him to eat on the bus, make his lunch
Step 6: send him out the door, climb into shower (yay! I don’t stink anymore!)
Step 7: grab caffeine, set it down to get shoes on
Step 8: grab laptop, forget caffeine while getting daughter into the van because hubby is checking breaks, oil, and something else on the car at work (he’s a mechanic)
Step 9: stop at gas station for lunchy stuff and high-octane caffeine (and a new mug!) on the way to inlaws’ to deal with tree-mergency.
Step 10: start van.
Step 11: Cry: van’s not starting. No lights on the dashboard, no clicks, just… nothing.
Step 12: Call hubby.
Step 13: go back into gas station, deplete them of sugar for my coffee
Step 14: wait for hubby
Step 15: text SIL and let her know I give up on today, and I’ll deal with the china at MIL’s tomorrow.
Step 16: email preschool – We’re not having a good day. We won’t be in.
Step 17: Grumblegrumblegrumble. One of the connections to the battery was loose.
Step 18: GO HOME.
Step 19: Write blog post
Step 20: crash

Seriously. I can’t make this up. And I can’t even use it in fiction because “that could never happen!” “that’s not believable!”.

Later, y’all. There will not be any braining today.

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