Death of a Laptop

Once upon a time, I had a laptop. It wasn’t all that long ago. Right now, I’m borrowing a mini Toshiba thing from a friend. It runs Windows 7 (which is fine) but until a week ago, it hadn’t even been turned on since 2008. Also fine. The size of the screen is physically driving me batty. It’s far too small. So I hook it up to my monitor using an old VGA cable I still had laying around from a previous laptop. I get this ugly yellow-green, baby-snotish sort of color over everything on the monitor. But… it still works.

Anyway. So Lappytop decided to crash on me, Friday the 20th. She wouldn’t turn on. No humming or buzzing or vibrating or lights. Absolutely nothing. So since we were going to be out and about on Saturday, I decided to take her into Office Max. They don’t do those kinds of repairs, but recommended a place not far away that does.

So I took her there. And wanted to smash Lappytop into the guy’s face. I don’t think I’ve ever been talked down to like that in my entire life. What. An. Ass. Don’t tell me it’s the power cord when I’ve used it all of but a few times (it’s a spare), don’t tell me to throw the power cord out when that is not the problem. Don’t tell me that the cord needs to weigh a pound and a half (the one that came straight out of the factory sealed box doesn’t either), and don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot. I’m not. I decided to leave it there anyway, after being told that they’d look at it tomorrow and let me know the problem.

Sunday, we stopped in several hours after they opened again, and the guy there told me they didn’t have a tech scheduled for the day to even look at it, but there was one scheduled for Monday. This kid was super sweet, and had he been the one to help me out when I dropped Lappytop off in the first place, I likely would have gone through them. But… he wasn’t. Kid asked what had happened, so I told him, and he apologized profusely. He wasn’t even the manager. But he should be. Anyway, I took Lappytop home with me and did some browsing on my phone for somewhere else.

Another place took my sweet baby into their care on Tuesday, being told they might be able to get to it yet “today” and I’d get a call “tomorrow” with a diagnosis. When I didn’t get a call, I wasn’t too surprised – it could have taken them longer to figure it out than they’d thought, or it wasn’t what they figured it would be. So I waited until Thursday – at which point, when I still hadn’t gotten a call by them, I had the hubby stop by on his way home from work.

“Oh, yeah, it’s the motherboard. It’s fried. We’re waiting on a price from our parts vendor, but its $50 for the diagnosis, and then $150 in labor to put the new one in, we just don’t know how much the part is going to cost.”

You couldn’t just call me and tell me that? You said you’d call, and you didn’t. It’s Customer Service 101, people. And after the experience I’d just come off from, I wasn’t having it. The hubby was on the phone with me when I made that comment to him, and he asked if I wanted him to put the guy on the phone. “No, you’ll say it much nicer than I will, and if she’s salvageable, I’d like to keep her that way.” So he told them my snark and added, “she’s really not impressed right now.” But because they had Lappytop apart at the time, we left her there over night, just to see what the cost was going to be.

Friday rolls around, and the day comes to an end for the hubby at work. Still no call from the tech. So I sent the hubby in again on his way home. “Oh, yeah, the part is $150, so it would be $350 total.”

Hell, for that price, I can get a cheap laptop. So the hubby had them put it back together, and he brought it home. Saturday morning, I dropped it off with my BIL for him to look at. I was out of town all day at a grad party, but I still got a text when they knew what was up.

Not only did the last place not ever even once call me back, but they also didn’t do a full diagnosis on it. Lappytop suffered an electric surge. This fried the motherboard and damaged the hard drive.

So mow I’m definitely getting a new laptop. And I really don’t want a Dell, since I’ve had 3 of them in the past  2 years crap out on me. (Well, really the old old one couldn’t be upgraded to Windows 7, and XP was no longer supported, so it was time. She’s really slow, but I let the kids use it for emailing Grandma and will let them use it for writing reports and such, unless we get a desktop in the future.) Unfortunately, it seems like they’re the only once with what I want in my budget.

So now I need to find… something in my price range. *sigh*

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