First Lines Friday #1

Here it is! My first official First Lines Friday post! A week later than planned, but I completely forgot about it last week – in case you remember how setting reminders for myself just doesn’t work. I just need to make it a habit, which means just remembering to do it every week. Or getting everything ready on Thursdays each week when I add in my final first line for the Friday post and schedule it all for their appropriate days. Actually, that’s quite a tempting idea. That might make things much easier for me.

As a recap, these are the first lines I wrote each day this past week, starting with Friday the 24th.

Friday: Bael stared down at the valley spread out before him, memories of his life assembling in his mind.

Saturday: Flashes of the past three stone-keepers blinked past; evil intentions swelled from the stone, but none of them involved Nate.

Sunday: Sunday… we’re calling that a wash. I didn’t write. What was I doing anyway? Oh wait. Sunday is laundry day. Plus, I was doing this with the kids:

20150725_231031(maybe not this set, but theirs. I just happened to have a picture of him handy to squeeze in here.)

Monday: Clint watched the bombshell descend the steps to the limo that awaited her.

Tuesday: “He’s got more tattoos than I do, but you’re right; he’s not much of a bad-boy.”

Wednesday: Clint wasn’t sure what his expression was showing, but judging by the way her brows crunched in and her lips pursed together, he guessed it was exactly what he was feeling – lonely and sad.

Thursday: Missy lay sprawled out in the middle of the motel bed, sweat dripping down her brow.

And there you have it! My first week of First Lines!

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