First Lines Friday #3

Here we go again!

Friday: For a guest post on Happy Authors Guild: Trying to find time to write in the chaos of life can be tough.

Saturday: My daughter’s birthday was today, so about the only thing I wrote was “I love you Mini-Miss” on her batman birthday card.

Sunday: Wait, Sunday happened? Oh yeah. We went to my “niece’s” birthday party. (One of my BFF’s from high school. Her little girl is a year younger than my little girl.)

Monday: Water drawn, toes break the surface tension first.

Tuesday: Vella tracked Nate’s trail. She lost his scent a few times until she picked up whiffs of leather, spearmint, and lemon. Rafe.

Wednesday: “Ooh! A bar. I’m parched. Let’s get something to drink and see about a place to sleep for the night.”

Thursday: “What’s your folly?” he asked, flashing a smile in return.

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