First Lines Friday #4

And another week of first lines! It was difficult, and I missed a day or two because Rafe and I weren’t exactly on speaking terms. But… here it is!

Friday: (might have gotten a little ranty. And wrote a blog post instead of working on a WIP.) I had an online conversation over the past couple days with some Internet friends.

Saturday: Oh look! The first day we weren’t talking! (Not really. That’s why I got all ranty yesterday – I had nothing else to talk about.)

Sunday: Vella watched a man approach Rafe.

Monday: I was letting Rafe sleep off his hangover instead of making him work. Plus I was digesting everything he told me last night. Wow. V’s going to be PIIIIIIIIIIIISSED when she finds this shit out!

Tuesday: Rafe got lost in the forecast. As usual.

Wednesday: Drew turned into Slater’s touch. He skimmed his knuckles against the stubble at his jaw, his gaze lingering on a pair of full, kissable lips.

Thursday: Powder blue heels clicked down the sidewalk.

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