First Lines Friday #5

Once again, the first lines I wrote each day on my WIPs (I’ve decided it should be the WIPs I’m drafting on, so that’s what all this is.)

Friday: Homecoming week in Anteros always drew a crowd, and this was no exception.
Saturday: Worked on transcribing one of my drafts, plus we had a family thing today.

(I’m brilliant: I forgot to come back and update this! Go me! So I’ve edited to add in the rest of them.)

Sunday: “Back off, Jack. This is between me and her,” Mike said, giving the man a shove with his free hand.
Monday: “You seem bored.” His fingers trailed down her shoulder, his black eyes concerned.
Tuesday: Cade was taller by a good two inches – and that was saying something since Dan was more than three inches over six feet himself.
Wednesday: “Come join us.” Dan’s deep voice reverberated off the shower walls.
Thursday: And forgot where she was going.

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