First Lines Friday # 8

Yes. I’ve been lazy about this one, and kind of let it go the way of the Dodo bird. But… now I’ve gone the way of Jurassic Park and brought them back.

Saturday: Vella cocked her head, wondering what Rafe was trying to get at. “What are you saying?”

Sunday: In the past, he drank to drown out the broadcasts. He didn’t want to know what everyone else was thinking, didn’t want to see what they were seeing.

Monday: A hand descended on Rafe’s shoulder, strong and reassuring. “Maybe a little bit of information is in order, for you to understand what’s going on.”

Tuesday: With her flaxen hair tied back, Ember tended her mate’s wounds. She didn’t look when she spoke, only cleaned a gash in Vaughn’s side.

Wednesday: He woke several hours later when he landed on his back on the floor.
“Up ‘n at ’em, sunshine. I’ve got your coffee brewing already, but I need to get out for a run and Brie doesn’t want to get wet this morning.”

Thursday: Rick sat at the table with Theo’s dad and stepmother. “I just want to do this right. Theo and I have been together for almost three years. I love him, and I want to stay with him. But I wanted to get your blessing.”

Friday: Rafe followed James out the door. He only got a few seconds to finish waking up before James took off in a jog.

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