First Lines Friday

It’s that time again!

Saturday 11/21: Rafe read the legend at least a dozen times.

Sunday 11/22: “You have no idea what you do to me,” he growled.

Monday 11/23: Bobby sat on the picnic table, feet pulled up, arms wrapped around his knees as he watched the gulls gliding and dancing on the wind, darting down and soaring back up, fighting over scraps earlier picnickers had left behind.

Tuesday 11/24: “Well,” Hope said, shaking Mandy’s hand. “Thank you for this opportunity.”

Wednesday 11/25: Hope stared into Eddie’s eyes from across the table.

Thursday 11/26: “You–I–you’re… Look at me, I’m a complete mess around you. You’re–I don’t–hot.”

Friday 11/27: “Oh, I–” Hope wanted to decline, but Eddie was already leading her back to the office and setting her purse under the desk.

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