I Win! I Win!

Well… technically, it’s not over yet.. BUT I WON!!! Wooooot!! Last night (Saturday the 28th) I broke through (officially) 50,000 words with 50,008. That’s where I validated. I’m currently sitting closer to 51,000 right now. Maybe I’ve got more, I can’t remember off the top of my head. And I’m on my tablet, so I’m not closing this just to find out.

I still have a lot of writing to do on Dawngard – or whatever title it’s going by today. And I’m still trying to get a handle on what the heck the story is about, but it’s coming together.

I’ve figured out bits of the legend of the Black Wolf. There will be a sequel, about the white wolf, and eventually, one about the red wolf.

It should be interesting. I have a general arc for the series – werewolves in the Black Wolf as the main foe, though vampires do make an appearance. There will be some carry-over characters from this to the next.

And in the White Wolf (I’m not mentioning who that is – I want it to be a surprise) will be up mostly against vampires – don’t worry, mine don’t sparkle – and a few werewolves.

The third… well… that’s still undetermined – at least to you, the fans.

I promise, I do know what’s approximately going to happen, I just don’t know any of the details. And I don’t know who the Red Wolf is yet. That may just be a surprise for me when I get started in writing that.

I do have a few ideas for the plot, I’m just not spilling the beans right now. Partly because I need to keep some surprises for you, and partly because I just don’t have all the answers yet myself. Just a few ideas.

I just wish they wouldn’t keep piling up on me so much that I need more than one book to tell the freaking story.

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