NaNoWriMo vs Website Overhaul

Yesterday, I battled a massive migraine – I haven’t even had one in probably about five years. I wrote a few hundred words – maybe 800? All day. And that’s only if I include what I wrote in a few web-page updates/changes, and… nope. I didn’t even post my Topless Tuesday post this week. I’ll have to do that. And of course, throw in a third topless hottie.

Anyway,  with the migraine, I couldn’t concentrate on words. So I didn’t write hardly at all. I eeked out what I could, and then moved on. I’d been trying to decide if I wanted to change the visual theme of the website for a while now, but because the them I’d been using was no longer available, I’d opted for not changing. But yesterday, it was giving me a head-ache when I went to update my progress reports for Dawngard: the Black Wolf and Crossfire (both are NaNoWriMo projects this year.) it only served to make the headache worse.


So I browsed through all the free themes, because I’m cheap like that. And found one that I actually like. Streamlined, classic, easy on the eyes. I rearranged a couple things, dropped a couple sidebar items, added a new one (I think?) and rearranged other things, including changing names, updating page URLs. So most of it’s done.

Now I just need to decide if I want to keep my journals (open to you, my fans) organized the way I have them – “short stories” “series” and “standalones” or by genre “Romance” “Fantasy” “Paranormal” “Mystery”. *sigh* Decisions, decisions…

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