One Last Hospital Update

I’ve been home from the hospital for – what – 2 weeks now? Sounds right anyway. Thursday last week, I had my post-op check-up. Coolio beaners, I’ve been told that I’m clear to drive when I feel I’ll be able to mash on the brakes if needed without stressing my abdomen in any way. I still have the lifting restriction, for another four weeks. No biggie. Just an excuse to not do certain things. :) But they also asked if I’d gotten a call yet in regards to the biopsy on the mass. “Nope.” Oh. Well the results were in. And they were negative for any signs of cancer. Big relief, though as I mentioned before, I don’t hardly have time to dwell on it, but it is still a relief to know that I’m not going to have other battles along the way.

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