Psychics, and Shifters, and Greek Gods, Oh, My!

That’s right! Mandy and Val are back to their matchmaking antics in the Autumn volume of the Bowman’s Inn, scheduled for publication on 10/18/2015. Eight couples benefit from their interference this time around, and Rival Night for Anteros U and Halloween prove to be busy nights! 

J’hari and Cole are back for round two, facing off against Euros, the East Wind, in J’hari and the East Wind, and Nate tries to bolster himself up to tell Char he’s a wolf in the Nature of Love.

12038531_10206120581746803_2679099863388103252_nTwo couples thought they’d be better off as friends and need to go the distance. Aidan and Deidre were college pals until a night of passion pulls them apart in No Signal, and Ari and Karis need a little courage in a bottle to get them together in Map to You.

Opposites attract for another couple when free-spirited Remi St. Claire trusts what’s In the Cards (with an extra nudge from a ghost) for her and – skeptic – Sheriff Jackson Aimes, while in Tall, Fair, and Awkward, loners Dan and Candace are dragged out of their shells by forces stronger than them.

What would Autumn be without something else out of the ordinary? Homicide detective (and wolf-shifter) Barrett Kellan really has a nose for police work – but it’s off the clock that his nose leads him to Jade Davison in Blink. Nikki heads back to Anteros for a fresh start, and she and jaguar-shifter, Felix, hit it off over a homeless kid (and a couple drinks from Val at Mandy’s request) in Shift.

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