So… Now What?

I’m a writer. We all know that. I’ve not exactly been shy about it. I don’t think, anyway. Have I mentioned this detail? Probably. Oh yeah. The I’m Not A Man post from about a month ago? should have cleared that one up. Anyway, on to the topic at hand. And it’s a really important one.

Currently, I’m contributing to an anthology called the Bowman’s Inn. Basically, a modernized version of Cupid and the great lengths he goes through in each reincarnation to find (and woo) his beloved Psyche. (Which, by the way, if you haven’t already read the first installment, Spring (The Bowman’s Inn Book 1), then you really should just plunk down the $3.99 and buy it. Six great stories by six great authors.) I know I’m shamelessly plugging my friends’ publications.

Anywho… Roxanna, who’s brain came up with this idea, commented within the writing group that there were still a couple spots open for the summer volume. I pondered, I debated, I brainstormed. Now, me being me, I love my cowboys. I love the boots and the hats and the way denim fits over tight buns. *ahem* Possibly more potent, I’m a sucker for the drawl native to the variety bred south of the Mason-Dixon. (Really, it’s pretty much any accent that isn’t “Minnesota,” but I digress.) Since my Tuesday night write-ins with my NaNo ML’s is at a game shop (snacks, food, liquid refreshment and Legacy tournaments) I came up with the idea that my MCs could be in town for a rodeo, and they’re trying to save his grandfather’s ranch from foreclosure – of course there’s only one room available in town because of a “geek convention” as the MMC calls it. That morphed into what has now been titled Perfect Ten. More than just the title has changed – I can’t even remember the original idea; I think it was something to do with wild rides. Character names have changed, and I even set up (barely noticeable) a winter story.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten off-topic again. So now that I’m 350 words into this rambly, tangent-riddled commentary about an anthology, what is my point?

I’ve finished my first draft.

So now I get to wait for critiques to come in on part 2 and maybe make some final revisions on part 1. It’s an agonizing wait, for those critiques to come in. Absolutely agonizing. But now what? Well… now I go back to finishing Employee Benefits. I revise (probably just re-write) the first in my Long Shots series, Long Shot. Because if I never get that one revised, there’s no point in even bothering with the rest. Or I work on another short story for my own collection that I plan on putting out this time next year. (hahahaaaaaa!) Or I start something new, figure out my fantasy series (if that’s really what I want to do with it) or my Mystery-Romance series (and what the series name is for that while I’m at it…) The options are limitless. I could even turn back to poetry for a while if I so desire. Whatever I do, I keep writing.

I keep writing.

Equal parts ease and hair-pulling, scream-out-loud frustration.

But I will keep writing. Because what else does a writer do but write?

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