Sunday Sit-Down: DL Hungerford

Writing is not as easy as it looks, and sometimes we need advice and tips on how to navigate the obstacles that come our way during the process. Today, I talked to author DL Hungerford, writing a steamy Regency series under the name Roxanna Haley, on just such matters.

MG: What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book, Regency Banquet: Entree — Pure Captivation?

DL: It has gone through a couple of plot changes based on critique feedback. Every time I thought I had finished it, someone would read it and make excellent suggestions. I am finally done and have it up for publication! So happy to have that done and to be looking at other projects.

MG: I can relate to all of that! If you could go back and talk to younger you, what advice would you give yourself?

DL: Don’t stop writing for any reason. Get on antidepressants sooner. Don’t face all the life hurdles ahead feeling alone and depressed. Stay in RWA, even if just the national organization. Don’t give up.

MG: Excellent advice. We’ve all got a mantra that we keep pinned up somewhere near our favorite writing place. What is your favorite motivational phrase?


MG: Very nice. We should all remember that. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

DL: Two things, first is to join as many writer groups as you can. The access to critique groups, agents, networks, conventions, etc. is worth the price. And never think you know all you need to know. Keep learning, improving, perfecting your craft. Writers are crafters who can always find improvement.

MG: Yes, indeed! How did you select your formatter, and what was your experience?

DL: My husband does my formatting. I just want to say that I love him. But if given a chance to do this over, I would hire someone else. Ego and emotions need to be removed from the editing and formatting processes.

MG: Very wise words! Thank you, DL, for indulging me today!



Born and raised in Southern California, DL Hungerford began writing right about the time you would expect. She has worked as a child care provider, a cook, a caterer, a clerk, customer service operator, blackjack dealer, house cleaner, bird breeder, a case worker for local government, and a supervisor of case workers. She honed her writing skills through fanzines, epic letters, and minutes for various clubs. She also wrote newsletter submissions for clubs, as well as movie and book reviews.

DL loves the world of fiction, especially Regency England, but hopes to explore other horizons as time permits. She still lives in Southern California with her husband, a spoiled cat, a spoiled dog, and a flock of parrots and other birds.

She also writes under the pen name of Roxanna Haley. You can contact her through any of the various links below:

Blog: A Novel Approach

Hungerford Historicals
Roxanna Haley



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