Sunday Sit-Down: Krisna M. Starr

Here it is, Sunday again, and time for another author interview! Being that it’s Christmas Day, I couldn’t help but notice how fitting the name Krisna M. Starr is. Without further adieu, I give you Krisna M. Starr.

MG: Where do your ideas come from?

KMS: Most of my ideas come from dreams. Some dreams are so wonderful or so very powerful that once I wake up, I have to jot it down and turn it into a story :)

For instance, one night I had a dream that I was an Egyptian priestess. My best friend was the youngest priestess-in-training in our temple. But she had one major problem – her legs were uneven and she was targeted by bullies (yes, even the Egyptian temples had bullies!) and I was her protector-of-sorts.

I was so affected by the dream that as soon as got up, I had to somehow put it on paper. Thus came to being the MC my current novel, Forged in Fire (Dragons of Atlantea, book1). Merlyn Rozen is a crippled slave who is bullied by her everyone around her. She fights through all of that, becomes a part of the Elite Commanders of a dragon prince and helps in the salvation of their world.

MG: Dreams are awesome things. I know a few authors who have that one phrase that keeps them going. What is your favorite motivational phrase?


MG: Definitely a good one for authors! I recently did a guest blog about book covers, so it’s fresh on my mind. Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

KMS: Definitely. I think an alluring book-cover is one of the major hooks for a reader. Many times, people think of a hook in terms of a great prologue or chapter 1. But it is much more than that as I described in my blog post on “Elements of a Strong Hook”.

Before a reader reads our chapter 1, his attention has to be grabbed in some way to entice him to pick the book, have a look at it.

When I go into book stores or browse through Amazon, two things grab my attention – the book cover and a catchy title. If I’m hooked by them, then I read the back blurb and the excerpt.

So a great cover translates definitely to more sales.

MG: Speaking of more, do you let the book stew – leave it for a month and then come back to it to edit?

KMS: I’m a fan of letting things stew :)

Sometimes making major decisions for changes in character/ plot after the first draft is difficult because we are so fixed on the existing characters and plot. I find that it clears my mind and brings things into perspective if I leave the book for some time and then come back to it after a few weeks.

Initially, as soon as I finished my first draft, I tried looking at the feedback, but found that though I could look at individual chapters and solve the issues from the feedback, I couldn’t look at the whole story through fresh eyes.

So I left it for a 2-3 weeks and came back to it. This helped me clear my existing ideas of the story and look at it again from a fresh perspective. I found a LOT more stuff that would make the story better and more gripping. I had a clearer view of plot holes, character inconsistencies and ideas to solve them. I think if I had started the revision immediately, I might have missed these. They might have come to light later in the revision process which would have been a lot more work.

MG: I know you’re working on a book right now – how are you going to publish traditionally or indie, and why?

KMS: I’ve been doing some research on both Indie and traditional publishing. It’s always a question of priorities when it comes to anything in life and I think that the advantages that I’d get from Indie publishing would be suit me more.

It allows me greater freedom – I don’t have to answer to a lot of people on what’s popular in the market right now. Of course this would mean that a lot of responsibility falls on me. I have to ensure that my novel is of high quality (at par with other traditionally published books), get the ISBNs and covers, market the book myself and loads of other stuff.

Currently, I workshop my novel in a writer’s community. Once I get the feedback on the first draft, I revise and put it through another round of critique workshop. Revise, Rinse and repeat till the book is as perfect as it can be. Once I have more feedback from beta readers, it time for the final stage of proof-reading and publishing. And then comes the ocean that is marketing :)

It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it and the final sense of satisfaction we get once the book is successfully published would definitely be worth it!


kms-02Krisna is an avid reader and a lover of dragons,
unicorns and all things magical. She divides her time between living in this world doing her day-to-day tasks, and the wonderful world of her dreams that is full of magic and fantastic creatures.  Her current WIP, Forged in Fire (Dragons of Atlantea, Book 1) (working title), is set in the magical world of Atlantea where magic rules, dragons roar and angels soar in the skies.

Besides books, she enjoys spending time with her children, mediation/ yoga, music and watching animes on the net.

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