Sunday Snippets: Dawngard

Apparently, I’m starting something new again… *sigh* I can barely think straight, and I’m doing this now too? Anyway, a few lines from a current work…

So without further adieu, a few lines from Legends of the Dawngard: the Black Wolves (this title has undergone a few changes, and likely will again.)

He could only watch in fascination as her fingers moved over him, completing each task. She reached for his pants, but Rafe caught her hands before bringing her knuckles up to his lips. He opened his mouth to tell her something, but the words were lost when she pressed her fingers to his lips.

“No words tonight. Just you and me.” She undid his pants and dragged them down, dropping them to the floor.

A knock sounded at her door, followed by the squeak as it opened.

“We’re working things out,” Vella said, not bothering to look over her shoulder to see who was interrupting them.

“Yeah, I can see that. Mom wants to know if you want dessert.”

“I’m still working on dinner.”

“Alrighty then.” The door closed and Brielle left them alone again.

Rafe stood and went to her. Head angled, he stared down at her, then bent and picked her up, one arm at her knees, the other around her shoulders. Her fingers linked together behind his neck, and he pressed his lips to her forehead.

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