Thursday Thoughts

I know I’ve been talking about Nerdgasm a lot lately — I’m entitled. It’s my baby right now. But my baby isn’t really a baby anymore. It’s more like a tween. Currently, I’m working on my first round of edits. Hopefully this round of edits will clear up any issues I have with the story in its current shape.

And hopefully, my latest MMC, Loki, will cooperate and allow me to actually finish edits while working on his love story. (No, I’m not using Tom Hiddleston as my inspiration, though Loki in my world does make mention that, “Sorry, I wasn’t able to get Tom Hiddleston to play me this time.”) This will be another Hearth and Forge novel. Novel? Novella… Short story… It’ll have the length needed to tell the story. Whatever that is. I’m not yet sure. We’ll see when we get there! I’m hoping it’ll be another novel, though.

Okay. So that’s that update. On another note, and I’ve gone random again, I’m bruised in all sorts of places. Namely the underside of my arm and on my knee. And another spot on the outside of my thigh. Nothing hinky going on, just doing construction all weekend at my inlaws’ property in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. (I might be a bit of an odd duck — I like Doctor Who and construction, and so many other stereotypically contradicting things.)

Right then. That’s all for now! Catch you again in a couple weeks!

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