Weekly Prompt…?

Okay, so I said I’d write a prompt for this week, and share it here, and I have failed. SO… I’ll have something posted by midnight, and also, I’ll put up a new one. I’m working out the bugs as we go, so instead of giving the deadline of Wednesdays, I think I’m going to go with Tuesdays or Fridays? Which do you think? If I post the prompt weekly, I could do the propmt suggestion on, say, Tuesday instead of Wednesday? Would that work? And then have it due on Friday? Or suggest it on Friday, and have it done on the following Tuesday? Oh, I like that idea. Let’s go with that. I share the prompt on Friday, and post it on Tuesday. That gives me enough time to write it, but not enough time to forget about it. PS: I forgot about it because I was sucked into making words for Nerdgasm – which is up a full 11K this year, and then last night, I had a scene that suddenly struck me as… off, so I spent all night and into the wee hours of the morning fixing it. And then finished fixing it this morning.

So, okay, I’ll post the next prompt on Friday… or did one get scheduled for today? I’ll double check. Next prompt will be posted on Friday, and I’ll have mine posted on Tuesday. There. And I’ll write something up quick for last week’s prompt. Be back in a bit, y’all!

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