Wordplay Wednesday #2: Reminders (A Poem)

Yesterday, what happened to you?
Where have you gone,
what did you do?
And why didn’t you remind me?

Sticky-notes all over,
marked up on the calendar,
it’s a wonder how
I find my arms…

That being said, I do have reminders for all sorts of things. Between now and the end of summer, I have 6 birthdays to deal with, two family picnics, a wedding shower, a wedding, and a baby shower. And a friends pot-luck style get together to put an end-cap on summer before school starts up again. Mind you, my definition of “summer” is from the last day of school to Labor Day weekend (school starts the day after in my neck of the woods) which means that I have a whopping six weeks. That’s an average of two events per week requesting my attendance. Fortunately, I do have one “free” weekend where there are no family obligations going on. Unfortunately, that means there are things I won’t be able to attend. But that’s where all the reminders come in… Plus there was all that other stuff I’d planned on doing earlier this month and last month, except surgery derailed all that. And despite all these reminders, I still failed to make my new Wednesday post of poetry. So in an effort to make up for it, at least a little bit…

Reminders are
a dozen for a penny,
and reasons for them,
there are many.

Sundays are for
dreaded laundry,
Mondays, I wish
I’d won the lottery.

Tuesday is Topless,
Wednesday is for Wordplay,
(Which I forgot to do
just yesterday)

Thursday is
Friday is for
First Lines.

And Saturday,
sweet Saturday,
you’re mine,
my only free day.

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