Wordplay Wednesday #3: Midnight Solitude & Right Here, Right Now

I wrote these a long time ago, in the middle of the night, which is what inspired the first one, and my (then recent) engagement to my (now) husband inspired the second.

Midnight Solitude

I scramble to scribble
The words in time
Before they’re lost
In the abyss of my mind.
Words and phrases
Tumble through
During this midnight
Fast enough, I
Cannot write
In the darkness
Of twilight.
Lost forever
They may be,
They’re still there,
Though hard to see.

Right Here, Right Now

This is our beginning,
This is our start,
Right here, right now,
I give you my heart.
Our fingers now
Are tightly linked,
You give yourself
As I give me.
Take all of me
As I am,
I welcome you
With outstretched hand,
Take you
With smiles and frowns
Through all the miles
Of ups and downs.

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