Wordplay Wednesday (Challenge Accepted)

Thanks to my good friend, Ash Litton, who challenged me to rewrite the lyrics to Here We Go a-Wassailing. ChallengeAnyone who knows me (at all) knows I’ve a “little” crush on that lanky British boy, Tom Hiddleston. In fact, I’ve dedicated myself, this entire month of April, to annoy the living piss out of my husband by changing my general ringtone on my phone to Hiddles singing Happy Birthday. Why? ‘Cause my bithday’s on the 17th, that’s why. Now that I’ve derailed my own post, I will spend hours on Pinterest, pinning anything that has Hiddles on it to my “Tom” board. I call that “Hiddling” (Hiddles hunting, in case you’re wondering, though I must admit, I rarely have to look far, and I’m not on for hours specifically searching for him – he kind of just appears. It’s like an Easter egg hunt – only easier.) For the record, it was too early in the morning, and I couldn’t say no. Plus it’s a prompt/challenge, to which I cannot say “no” anyway…

So… without further adieu, the challenge I received at 7am Tuesday morning, still not braining enough to say no… (Apparently, there are bonus points if it conjures the Hiddles himself on my front steps…)

Here we come a-Hiddling, among the Hiddles pics.
Here we come a-Hiddling, watching all his flicks.
Love and joy come to you, (also gifs of Hiddles dance).
Odin bless you and send you a box of Hiddles smiles.
Odin bless you and send you a Hiddles autograph.
He memorized Miami, quotes sonnets on a whim,
And wears a full-length cloak made of flowing leather skin;
While women kneel before him, as more than mewling quim.
What’s a girl to do if he takes a pseudonym?
Gods bless the man who’s spirit is a caffeinated squirrel;
And the screaming hoards of the army he commands.

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