Wordplay Wednesday: Mine

It’s been a while since I’ve done any poetry for y’all, but here’s a fun little one for you! Side story – My son is “Star Student” this week in his class, and I was supposed to write a letter for his teacher to read to the class about who he is to me and such.

You annoy your sisters
With effort and with ease,
And are super excited
For the July wedding.
You love watching Mythbuster’s
And building with Legos,
You love projets and painting,
And orange and lime-green.

You can find the Java Trench
On any map or globe,
And love hanging with Grandma,
Playing Pokemon Go.
Cub Scouts is fun,
There’s so much to learn,
Like how to use
A bow and arrow.

You love so much to see
How everything goes-
Put it together,
Then take it apart,
You always have questions,
And stories to tell,
Is it really a wonder
That you stole my heart?

Little boys are everywhere,
Yet none are quite like you-
Silly and sweet,
And smart and kind.
And though we have our moments,
I still can’t believe,
That I’m the lucky one
Who gets to call you ‘mine’.

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