Wordplay Wednesday: Procrastination

The daily grind,
My brain’s not on board,
Is what I hoard.

I tuck it in
Between the cushions
And in the back yard
Among all the bushes.

The shed is jam-packed,
As is the garage,
It’s arranged on my wall
In a massive collage.

My closet is full of it,
I can’t use my oven,
It’s all over my bed.
(Makes it hard for lovin’.)

I can’t find my cat –
He’s here somewhere,
In my Procrastination
Jungle lair.

My husband is lost,
Can’t find him at all,
And the children are living
Like mice in the wall.

I eat it for breakfast,
As a snack after lunch.
It goes down with a bite,
Comes out with a punch.

I can’t give it away,
I can’t throw it out,
I put it on shelves
Right next to self-doubt.

That crazy pair,
They won’t leave me alone,
I go on with my life
With a grumble, a groan.

Usually wins
I keep it in tubs
and boxes and bins.

I put it in corners,
I stow it away,
I save it all
For another day.

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